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About Us

With a distinguished legacy spanning over six decades, the esteemed firm, M/s Shiv Charan Gupta & Sons (formerly known as M/s Shiv Charan Gupta), was established under the exceptional leadership of the late Shiv Charan Gupta. Renowned for his five-time tenure as an MLA from the Udhampur constituency, he laid the foundation for the company's remarkable journey.

Throughout its illustrious history, the firm has showcased its proficiency by undertaking a multitude of high-profile construction projects across various military stations in Jammu and Kashmir. Notably, their contributions to the development of the Nathatop Airforce Station, nestled at a breathtaking altitude of 9500 ft above MSL, have been exemplary.

Beyond its construction prowess, M/s Shiv Charan Gupta & Sons has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to safeguarding governmental assets during the devastating floods caused by extreme cloud bursts in the Airforce Station at Leh. Through the construction of a resilient perimeter wall, the firm played a pivotal role in preventing catastrophic devastation and safeguarding over a thousand military troops from displacement. This heroic effort earned them a Letter of Appreciation from the Chief Engineer on behalf of Air Headquarters, Western Air Command.

Even after passing on the legacy to Mr. Pawan Gupta in 1981, the values of the firm have remained steadfast, earning appreciation from various departments of the Military Engineer Services. Under Mr. Pawan Gupta's astute leadership, a graduate from NIT, Srinagar, and former Minister of State for Finance & IT, the firm continued to thrive as one of the oldest contractors in Jammu and Kashmir. Their admirable track record of project completion and willingness to tackle challenging terrains have solidified their reputation as a reliable and capable construction company.

Expanding their horizons, the firm ventured into Ambala in 2006, completing commendable projects in cities like Dehradun and Sarsawa. In 2016, the baton was passed to Mr. Deepanshu Gupta, who now actively contributes to the company's day-to-day operations, building upon the remarkable legacy set by his father, Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta.

With a focus on professionalism and top-quality results, the talented team at SCG & Sons ensures that every project is executed with the finest materials and a strong foundation. Dedicated to meeting client needs and desires, the firm operates as a full-service construction company, adeptly improving residential and commercial structures. Founded in 1964 and proudly based in J&K, India, M/s Shiv Charan Gupta & Sons continues to embrace its rich heritage while embracing the future of construction with unparalleled expertise and unwavering commitment.

Our Leadership

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