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Completed Projects

  1.  Provision of Certain OTM Accommodation At Bhaderwah.

  2.  Provision of Certain OPS Works Services At Air Force Nathatop.

  3. Provision of Solar Power Plant Of 170 Kw For HQ Northern Command.

  4.  Provision Of OTM Accommodation For LT & AD Regt (Phase-1) At Ambala

  5. Provision Of OTM Accommodation For Certain Unit At Dehradun

  6.  Provision Of New ATC Tower Runway Controller Hut At 12 & 30 End And Associated Work At AF Station      Ambala

  7. Provision of Sewage Disposal, External Water Supply And STP For Map (Phase –II) At Udhampur​

  8. Provision Of RCC Wall At AF Station Leh.

  9. Provision of 1.5 MVA power supply and external services for regional network centre at Udhampur

  10. Provision of Generator Set With Allied Infra For DLCTH Under Ge (Utility) Udhampur.

  11. Provision of Technical Accommodation at Nathatop.

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