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About Our Founder

Late Sh. Lala Shiv Charan Gupta (1925-2008)

Having amassed an impressive experience spanning over six decades, the illustrious firm, known as M/s Shiv Charan Gupta & Sons (formerly recognized as M/s Shiv Charan Gupta), traces its origins back to the visionary leadership of the late Shiv Charan Gupta. Renowned as a four-time MLA from the Udhampur constituency, his astute guidance set the foundation for the firm's inception.

Embarking on its journey in the year 1964, under the tutelage of Shiv Charan Gupta, the firm swiftly soared to great heights of success. With unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of excellence, it has accomplished a multitude of prestigious projects in the domains of Defense, Railways, and PSU construction.

The profound motto espoused by the revered founder was centered on the unwavering commitment to excellence and the unwavering pursuit of quality. This ideology became deeply ingrained in the fabric of the firm, serving as the driving force behind its remarkable growth and accomplishments. As a result of this steadfast commitment, the company has earned a formidable reputation in the construction industry of Jammu and Kashmir.

Throughout its journey, the firm's name has become synonymous with reliability, precision, and top-notch craftsmanship. The legacy of Shiv Charan Gupta's visionary leadership continues to inspire and guide the firm, ensuring its continued prominence in the ever-evolving field of construction.

Today, M/s Shiv Charan Gupta & Sons stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of its late founder, carrying forth his principles and values as it forges ahead into the future. With an unwavering focus on excellence and a commitment to delivering the finest projects, the firm remains a driving force in the realm of construction, contributing to the development and transformation of Jammu and Kashmir's infrastructure.

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